Sofa Cleaning, just like all upholstery, requires experience and the right equipment. The damage that someone unskilled can cause is huge. So don’t risk it and reach out to us. We are not only knowledgeable but we have all the right tools. We guarantee that your sofa will be in good hands.

We value your time

That’s why our service is done on-site and there is no need to bring your sofa to a different location. Our team will come fully prepared and equipped. This saves a lot of time, energy, effort and money.

We also value your health so we don’t use any harsh chemicals or toxic substances. There won’t be any nasty smells or chemicals residue left after the cleaning is finished.

The process includes

Our cleaners reviewing the condition of the sofa and deciding what’s the best way to treat it. They will apply the most effective cleaning method that is suitable for your sofa. They will either suggest steam cleaning or dry cleaning.


  • For everyone that booked a Curtains/ Sofa Cleaning and combined it with a Carpet Cleaning – you will get a 10% discount (over £150)
  • Booked a Sofa Cleaning for over 120£? Receive a free Office Chair Cleaning.