Is your oven dirty? Well, have you had it professionally deep cleaned lately? If the answer is no then your oven is in fact dirty.

How can you know for sure that your oven is dirty?

Quite easy actually. See the inside of your oven. Does it look unpleasant? Covered in built-up grease, oil residue, and leftover food? Does it smell weird? If yes, then it’s time to call us. A dirty oven is full of bacteria and germs as well. Your food is being prepared there so it’s quite unhealthy.

What will we do?

Mainly we will bring back the shine and sparkle of your oven. It will look like when you first bought it. It will perform better and the lifespan will be longer. The benefits of a clean oven are a lot.

So stop neglecting one of the hardest working appliances in your home and let us take care of it.

One of our fully trained technicians will come and inspect your oven. They will determine the condition it is in. They will proceed with disassembling all the removable parts and soaking them in a powerful solution. After that, they will clean and scrub the inside and outside of your oven. Our service ends with assembling your oven back together. You would be able to use it right after we are done.


  • If our clients book an End of Tenancy Cleaning for over £120 they receive a free Oven Cleaning
  • When a Single Oven, Hob and Extractor are combined you will pay only £79.