When you think about it keeping your mattress clean is important. You spend almost half of your life in your bed. Just like all upholstery, it is a durt, dist, and bacteria magnet. Not only that but it accumulates bed bugs, dust mites, bad smells etc.

Make a gift for yourself and for your bedroom. For maximum hygiene, we recommend this service every 6 months.

We definitely don’t advise you clean it by yourself since it’s pointless. Not only will you spend too much time and effort but it will cost you even more.

What does our service include?

This service is very similar to the carpet cleaning one.

The first thing our cleaners will do is vacuum the mattress. This also removes some of the bacteria and dust mites. After that, they will try to remove stubborn stains as well.

The mattress will be ready to be used a couple of hours after we are finished – our technicians will tell you specifically how long.


  • Book Mattress Cleaning, combine it with Carpet Cleaning and get a 10% discount.