Curtains are made from delicate fabrics. So if you decide to clean them by yourself we wouldn’t recommend it. The damage you can cause may be too big and you might end up needing to buy new ones. So why risk it and not leave us clean them for you.

Curtains attract dust, dirt, and bacteria. So a deep clean is quite necessary from times to times. That way you will provide a healthy environment in your home. Our service will bring back the fresh feel and look of your curtains. There is no risk of damaging the fabric, permanent creasing discoloration or shrinkage.

What does the process include?

The first thing that our technicians will do is review the condition your curtains are in. After that, they will decide how to proceed with the cleaning. There are two options – steam cleaning or dry cleaning.

Steam Cleaning

Our cleaners will spray on a special solvent. When sprayed, it is very hot – that way it can penetrate deep into the fabric and remove everything, even the most stubborn stains. After that, they will use a special high-pressure vacuum machine that will suck the moisture, dirt, and dust.

Dry Cleaning

If your curtains are made of delicate fabrics our cleaners might decide to dry clean them instead of steam clean them. It uses hardly any moisture.

It is done using a special solution. It evaporates almost immediately and doesn’t leave a trace.


  • Booked a Curtains Cleaning and combined it with Carpet Cleaning? You will receive a 10% discount (bookings over £150)
  • Booked a Curtains Cleaning for over 120£? You will receive a free Office Chair Cleaning.