This is probably the most effective way to have your carpets deep cleaned. With the help of steam, our cleaning company will bring back the fresh clean feel and look of your carpet. There is no risk of damaging the fibers.

A simple vacuum cleaner can’t get rid of everything and can’t replace a nice deep clean. We recommend our service at least twice a year – that way your carpets will always be clean and sanitized.

We are skilled, trained and efficient. We use only industry approved modern equipment and detergents that provide excellent results each time.

Your carpets will be ready to be used in a matter of hours after the service is finished.

How do you know if your carpet needs cleaning?

You probably can’t see the dust and dirt since they are all the way to the base. Not only that but a carpet is a bacteria and germs magnet.

Stains are a huge problem. We advise you not to try to remove them by yourselves since it is possible you make it worse and even harder to remove. Let our team in Thame take care of everything for you. Our cleaning techniques work deep inside the carpet and get to its base – where everything unwanted lays.


  • When End of Tenancy Cleaning is combined with Carpet Cleaning you will receive a Combine 50% discount.
  • All of our new customers receive a £10 off their Carpet Cleaning (for over £150.)
  • When Curtains/ Sofa Cleaning is combined with Carpet Cleaning you will receive a 10% discount (over £150).
  • When Mattress Cleaning is combined with Carpet Cleaning you receive a 10% discount.