If you had a renovation done in your property then you know how messy the builders are and how much mess they actually leave after themselves. It’s very unpleasant. Especially, when all you want to do is enjoy your renovation in peace and now you have to worry about how are you going to clean everything.

You are in the right place. We are professionals in this service. We are skilled, knowledgeable and we have the right equipment and detergents. We guarantee you will leave your property spotless. Enjoy your renovation in peace and let us do all the work.

This service is hourly based.

What will we do?

We will remove all rubbish, paint, debris, and plaster left. We usually cover windows, sills, switches, window-frames, walls, ceilings, floors/ carpets. We will also deep clean your kitchen, living room, bathrooms, bedrooms etc. Basically, everything that needs cleaning. We are striving towards providing you with a deep-cleaned dust-free spotless property so you can enjoy your renovation in peace.